Our Client RealScout Raises $6 Million

Congratulations to Andrew Flachner and the team at RealScout for raising $6 million in funding. Wick Video has worked closely with RealScout over the years, and we like to think we played a small role :)

Here are some of the videos we've made for RealScout:

We just did the screen animation for the one below (not the live action).

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The Explainer Video That Paid For Itself: Crowd Park

Crowd Park came to us looking for a video to help pitch their idea at a hackathon in Los Angeles. The theme of the hackathon was parking... more specifically, "How can Los Angeles outdoor surface parking lots be repurposed to increase their variety of uses, or aesthetic value, while enabling parking in the city?"

The team at Crowd Park gave us a lot of creative freedom in the creation of the video... so we decided to use monsters instead of - you know - actual people. This made the video a little more fun, and a lot more memorable. Here's the video...

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