Do You Really Need An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are awesome because they allow people to quickly understand an idea without much effort on their end. When done right, an explainer video can lead to a higher conversion rate and better retention among prospective clients.

So, should every business and start-up have an explainer video?

Answer: No.

Over the past few years, Dropbox, a cloud-storage company, has been a case study for how effective an explainer video can be. According to Switch Video, after Dropbox added an explainer video to their landing page, their conversion rate shot up by 10%, equating to a $48 million increase in revenue - well worth the investment. And in the span of 5 years, Dropbox went from 0 to 100 million users.

But now that video is nowhere to be found on the Dropbox landing page. Did they not realize how valuable their video was? Surely this must be a mistake, right?

The reason the Dropbox video was successful was because it explained a concept, that was relatively new at the time, through a simple story. And it was the story that was successful, not the video itself. Now that cloud storage is a more familiar concept, Dropbox decided to get rid of their video, but they still kept their story.

If you go to their landing page you’ll see three words:

     “Your stuff, anywhere”

It’s a story about how you, the potential customer, could have all your stuff anywhere you go, on any device - if you had Dropbox. It’s super short and easy to understand.

So, do you need an explainer video for your business? Maybe. But most importantly, you need a story.

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