Making It Worth The Effort

At Wick Video... Sometimes we have to work overtime. Sometimes we have to work weekends. Sometimes we don't get everything right the first time and we have to re-do things.

We always aim to make our videos the highest quality they can be - a video that we're proud of and a video that our client is proud of. And, of course, a video that actually helps their bottom line.

Feedback like this, makes it worth all the effort:

I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Our VP loved the video and is going to show the sales team tonight. We passed through all of the approval gates and it’s being used for a huge meeting tomorrow morning–first thing.

We could not have done this without your help and dedication and for that we are so very grateful. In the future, I’m going to make sure we have enough of a timeframe to do things, so that it’s not as crazy as it was! :D

I appreciate everything you did of us. We can not thank you enough for all of your hard work!!! The video is awesome!

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