We are a rather small operation, but we think big. Our team has the talent and drive to tackle projects of any size. If you’re interested in joining our team, feel free to give us a holler. Growing steadily since May 2012.

Jeremy Wick

Founder / Creative Director

Jeremy handles all the business, content development, and animation. He has been known to give up full nights of sleep in order to make clients happy. He has a degree in Business Administration from Vanguard University.

Justin Middendorp

Art Production Manager

Justin is in charge of storyboarding and illustration. He has high hopes of getting his “Employee of the Month” streak into the double digits. He is getting a degree in Illustration and Design from The Academy of Art.

Ryan Marcella

Musical Composer / Office Administrator

Ryan makes awesome music scores for the videos and gives everyone back massages on cue, ensuring great company moral. He has a degree in Music from Vanguard University.


We make graphically animated videos for businesses of all kinds. Our videos incorporate the key elements of story, design, and sound.


We put your story into motion, using beautifully designed elements to create a video that will be visually appealing and build your brand. We utilize the latest animation technology and techniques, and make sure each movement is thoughtfully and deliberately planned.

Music & Sound

We add high quality music and sound effects to the video that help tell the story and engage with the audience. Every musical score is designed to convey the mood of the video, while every sound effect is carefully chosen and timed in order to bring the video to life.

Research & Strategy

We learn everything we can about your company: What you offer. Your target market. Why people need you. With this information, we determine the best strategy for your video in terms of length, style, and distribution.


We develop a script from the perspective of your target audience, telling the story of how your product or service has made their life better. We believe that story is the most effective way to resonate with your audience.


We draw up a storyboard that gives a visual representation of how the video will look and feel. Each cell of the storyboard represents the key scenes throughout video. This gives you a chance to point out anything you want altered before the video is animated.


We chose a voiceover professional that will narrate the video with clarity, while emulating a tone that will fit the mood of the video. We provide you with a demo, before a voice is chosen, ensuring quality and satisfaction.